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Melissa Anderson is a Detroit-based graphic designer and illustrator. She enjoys drawing sophisticated doodles on unexpected surfaces. While she doesn't have any national recognition, she is locally recognized for enjoying life. Melissa talks at a high volume and is unapologetically honest. She is a wearer of clothes and a painter of clothes. She's also a professional procrastinator, a world-famous necklace model (not based on facts), a chronic list-maker, and a #bettywhitethedog snuggler. She rides a bike. She brings the happy.

BRINGING THE HAPPY came to life in 2014. We think. It’s getting hard to keep track of these things. Although, Melissa has been creating since she was a child. Her journey has been a bit all over the place, but she is really inspired by slow fashion and adding joy to the everyday. She believes what you wear has a direct connection to how you feel and therefore how you present yourself to the world. Unique, personal style brings her happy. She hopes her items will make you smile on a bad day and laugh harder on a good one.